Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Josh is Nine!!!

It's hard to believe that Josh has been part of our family now for nine whole years. Like people always say, and it's true, in some ways it seems like a lot longer than that and in some ways it's hard to believe it's been that long! Every year we go out to dinner and the one who's having the b-day gets to choose the place. This year Josh wanted to go to Chic-fil-A!! Can I say - yeah!! What a great choice - much better than McDonald's!! The only reason he chose it this year though is because we went camping on his real b-day and he knew he was going to have Cheese Burgers for dinner then. So - yeah for us!! & yeah for him!!

Here's a few words to describe Josh. He is active, bubbly, crazy, determined, energetic, funny, goofy, hilarious, indomitable, jokester, kind, loving, motivating, nice, outgoing, prankster, quick-witted, resolute, strong-willed, tender-heart, unparalleled, vivacious, witty, xanthic, youthful & zany boy!! He has brought such joy to our family. We love you so much Josh!! Happy B-day!!


Trudi & Gary said...

Happy Birthday Josh!
8 was great, but 9 is fine!
Hope your party ROCKED :-)
love (your Mom's cousin) Trudi

Pam said...

Happy B-day Josh!
Love, Aunt Pam

Nichol Family said...

9 years... Wow!!! We are so happy to have Josh in our family. Happy Happy Birthday! We look forward to spending time with you in Disney World!!! P.S. I love your blog (you'll have to show me all your fun ways of doing it) Love, Mandy