Monday, August 25, 2008

Hayden's 1st Grade Hair Cut!

It was time to cut Hayden's hair. When I told him it was time to give him a hair cut he asked me, "Mom, can I have it spikey this time?" I said, "I guess so, but are you ready to do that? It's going to look a lot like Zac's. Are you ready?" He enfatically said, "YEP!!" So, I did it and here are the results!!

Here's our Hayden Buga-Boo! BEFORE the hair cut

Here's the hair cut

Here's the smile!! Look at his big brown eyes and his SMILE!! Can't resist that smile - although I really miss his hair already!! He does look like such a big boy now and he is so excited. He kept saying, "Mom, you know what?! I don't think they are even going to recognize me. Do you think they will recognize me?"
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here's a shout out for Jack Johnson!

Isn't he hot??


Okay, so first of all, I totally know and fully admit that I'm a geek girl!! I've never been to a concert before - EVER ! !
So, when I got an opportunity to go with a few friends to see Jack Johnson perform at the USANA Theater (Monday night August 18th!!), I couldn't pass it up!!! - I knew it was time to do the concert scene!! I had the best time!!! The USANA Theater is such a gorgeous venue and it was so relaxing. I just absolutely LOVE Jack Johnson - his music makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii - so it was the perfect mix!

Here's a few snap shots of the geek girls at the concert - GO GREEN!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hayden's First Day of School!!

Today was Hayden's First Day of School. He didn't get to go with Zac and Josh yesterday because the school thought they could only handle giving the first grade kids an "assessment" day! Whatever. . . . so today was his first day.

I asked my big first grader how his first day of school was and he said, "It was good, but mom you know what? I was kind of scared at first because it was a little scarey at the first part, but by the end of the day mom, you know what? . . . . . . . I had fun. But mom, you know what? I got in a little bit of trouble today." I said, "uh-oh how come?" He said, "Because I didn't want to put something away." I told him he would have to pay attention to the class rules and always follow the class rules. He said, "okay mom, love you, bye." Such a cutie patootie!! Can't believe he's in first grade!!

I have to say - this year marks big deal school for my kids - Hayden in First Grade!! Zac in Sixth Grade!!! and Josh is in Fourth Grade!! I'm tellin' ya - I'm feeling like it's all going by a little too fast - which makes me feel like I need to "make you banana pancakes pretend like it's the weekend now and we can pretend it all the time. Cause when the whole world fits inside of your arms do we really need to pay attention to the alarm? Wake up slow, mmm mmm wake up slow!" YOU GOTTA LOVE JACK!!! Which brings me to my next post. . . . . . . . Jack Johnson!!!

Zac & Josh - First Day of School!!

So. . . yesterday was the first day of school for Zac and Josh. It started out SUPER GREAT!! I totally forgot about the "Morning Mingle" (where the parents meet the teachers and get the run down on what will be happening in class this year) so, needless to say, we barely made it to the last session, which meant I had to split 15 minutes between both boys. We went to Zac's class first and just stood in the back - picked up a packet and then I told Zac I was going to go to Josh's class. I made sure Zac was okay and headed off with Josh. Well, by the time we found the classroom, the morning mingle from his teachers - yes I said teachers - had just wrapped up early. Of COURSE!! Anyway, Josh had allready said hi to two friends. YEA!! I've been worried about them having friends in their classes this year -being that we changed to D track and you just never know. So, I told Josh I'd have to head to work now and asked him if he was okay. He acted like I was being "over protective" and said - ya mom I'm fine - Buh Bye! Well, good then. I quickly went back down the hall just to see if I'd catch the tail end of Zac's teachers welcome and of course no one was in the classroom. So I proceeded out to the "playground" where the sixth graders line up. I saw Zac sort of pacing back and forth at the end of a line, not talking to anyone. So I headed over to him. The look in his eyes said "No mom! Don't come over here! Mom, seriously don't come over here." Of course I still did, I went right up to him and asked him what else his teacher had said, he said he didn't know - totally looking away from me and acting like he didn't know me. I wanted to give him a hug - but fearing I would kill the boy from the sheer horror of embarrassment - I told him good-bye and left.

And so, I guess it begins . . . . Zac is on his way to being a "totally cool" sixth grader! I have to admit though, I had butterflies in my stomach on my way back to work and for a good part of the morning, for that matter, for both of them. I felt like it was my first day too. My worrying was once again for nothing, because when they got home Zac called me at work and told me all about his day. He had friends in his class too and seemed almost excited about how his day went. He told me his teacher seems nice and he thinks he'll like him. I tried to ask Josh how his day went and this is our conversation.

Mom: Did you have a good day?

Josh: yes.

Mom: Did you like your teachers?

Josh: yes

Mom: So did you have friends in your class?

Josh: yes

Mom: So did you have fun today?

Josh: Yah

It went on like that for a few minutes and then I let him go. So. . .it sounds like their day went really well - one down, 179 more to go!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Work Party

Every year Herriman City puts on a party for the employees and their families. The boys always have a great time! This year was by far the best time so far for the boys it was definitely the winner! Here's just a few snaps of the fun things they had for them to do. Thanks Herriman City for another fun summer party!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family Reunion - Island Park - 2008

On Josh's B-day (July 31st) we went to Island Park for the Quick Family Reunion 2008!! We had to really rough it this year and do the tent thing. Don't feel too bad for me, because thanks to me being such a "princess camper" Jeffrey bought us cots to sleep on. Then if you buy the princess camper a cot she's going to want a new tent to go with it. And that's exactly what happened. So, we ended up having a good time and as usual, the boys had a BLAST!! Here's a few shots of the event!! Playing down at the stream, taking a walk, shooting practice, acting silly. We missed all of you who couldn't come - I'm sure you wished you could have been there - right ? ! ? ! ? !

Josh is Nine!!!

It's hard to believe that Josh has been part of our family now for nine whole years. Like people always say, and it's true, in some ways it seems like a lot longer than that and in some ways it's hard to believe it's been that long! Every year we go out to dinner and the one who's having the b-day gets to choose the place. This year Josh wanted to go to Chic-fil-A!! Can I say - yeah!! What a great choice - much better than McDonald's!! The only reason he chose it this year though is because we went camping on his real b-day and he knew he was going to have Cheese Burgers for dinner then. So - yeah for us!! & yeah for him!!

Here's a few words to describe Josh. He is active, bubbly, crazy, determined, energetic, funny, goofy, hilarious, indomitable, jokester, kind, loving, motivating, nice, outgoing, prankster, quick-witted, resolute, strong-willed, tender-heart, unparalleled, vivacious, witty, xanthic, youthful & zany boy!! He has brought such joy to our family. We love you so much Josh!! Happy B-day!!