Sunday, June 6, 2010


Many of you know that I have had a horrible habit of biting my nails.
Well I'm very pleased to announce that I have had long nails now for over a year!!
Wow!! YAY me :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Use for a Swiffer - at Least it's New for Me :)

Okay. . . so something you might not know about me is that I am a horrible Spring/Fall cleaner.
I really don't enjoy it. One of the worst parts about it for me is walls.
I don't like cleaning walls at all. Well since it's almost officially summer now and spring is nearing it's end I thought I better be a big girl and get our walls cleaned.

So . . . . I decided I needed some motivation. I went to the store and down the cleaning isle. While looking at all the products that I could spend my money on, I had a little spark of what I thought was a grand idea. AND I purchased a Swiffer.

Have you seen these little babies?
Well. . . I've never owned one before and I must say I like the feel and look of them.
So far I really think they are built well and have lots of little extras I didn't expect.
Anywho. . . .back to my idea.

So why did you buy a Swiffer then - I thought you hated cleaning walls?
That's exactly why I bought one - to clean my walls!!! Yes, you heard me right.
To Clean My WALLS!!!

And. . . . it worked like a charm!!
I love it - it cut my time in half!! No. . . in fourths!!!
It's so easy to clean my walls now. Love it!!

So first I dusted all the walls with the dry cloths.
Okay this is gross - can you believe how dirty walls get?!!??!!??
Ewwww Ewwww Ewww!!

Then I used the wet ones. And. . .wahlah!! All clean for the summer!!

So . . my motivation worked and my walls are all clean ahhhhh!!!

Go try it - you might like it too and have to share it with your friends.
Just like I just did with all of you :)