Thursday, June 23, 2011


I saw a little challenge to take pictures the next time you take a-walk-about the place you live. So, when I went walking tonight, I did just that. The only thing is it's not around my subdivision, but it is really close to where I live.

Daybreak - has beautiful walkways all around their man-made lake. It's such a great place to go for a walk.

To begin our tour. . . We first walk through SodA ROW  -  Daybreak's Shopping district.

Then on to the bridges - this is the first bridge we cross

On to the circular bridges - it's like a big circular stair case - only there aren't any stairs ;)

Across the bridge - isn't it cute?  I love going across these bridges - they're all over the walking path's.

Jeff & Steve came this time too. . . . . . . . and NO . . . they aren't holding hands :)

This is my FAVORITE bridge - isn't it pretty!!! ♡

This is my favorite spot of the whole walk - you go across a board walk and through the reeds and cat tails - LOVE IT ♡

Berneen found some friends today :)
Awwww so cute ~ a momma with her little babies :)
Isn't that beautiful - I love it :)

And here's what you see at the end of that little board walk - a pretty little cascading river :)

You knew I had to be in at least one of the pictures - right? It felt like a picture moment :)

And we saw a beautiful sunset. 

Another beautiful cascading river. So pretty.

The other side of that bridge :)

Back on Soda Row - This guy is so cool - don't you think?

And this now ends the tour of Daybreaks walk ways. Come with us next time :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Parade Day & Carnival Rides

Today's activities started with the Parade. I took Hayden and Josh and didn't even check with Zac. He had been out late to a party and so I didn't want to wake him. I should have though. He wanted to come with us.  He walked over by himself. I was so glad he did!!

Lynda's Dog Italy. She is such a beautiful and good dog! The boys loved playing with her.

Lynda invited us over to her house for a great view of the parade. Here we are ready for a great time.

Here I am ready for the parade

Josh and Hayden are ready for it to start.

We are all ready for the parade. . . isn't it after 9:00am? :D Stacie, Me & Lynda

Fire Engines are Loud!!

Joe's company did some amazing tricks - WOW!  They are awesome.

Then we went back for all the carnival "rides." The kids didn't really go on the rides though they spent most of their time on the bouncy things.

The Wave of Fire

The Ultimate Challenge Bounce House & Slide

 Zac entered to win a guitar. . . the pink one :)

Ty Nielsen's Pony Ride

Hayden tried the Velcro Wall

So did Josh - it was hillarious :)

The Velcro Wall - so Funny :) - push play and watch Josh - it's so funny!!
It was great family fun. We plan on going next year too. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Car Show & Touch-A-Truck

The last two days have been Ft. Herriman Days here in Herriman and that means fun family activities.

Friday night they had The Car Show

Mini Cooper!!  ♥ it!! ☺

 Josh & Hayden LOVED this car!!

Josh loved this truck!!

We all thought this old one was so cool!

Josh and Hayden thought this one looked like it should be in the Green Hornet!

The Chromed Cobra!  So cool!!

We could see ourselves in it!

and Touch-A-Truck

Hayden got to sit in the Fire Truck

So did Josh

Ready to go!

In a Big Dump Truck

Look how big that is!
We had fun. . . we'll have to go next year too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last Soccer Game of the Season

Hayden had his last soccer game of the season. He lost it was sad for their team, but they all played hard and tried their best.

His coach was cute and made sure they all felt special still. He handed out awards for each kid and said a little something about them.

He told Hayden that he thought he was the most improved player. I thought that was awesome!!  Way to go Hayden you have learned a lot and you always do your best! We love you tonz!