Thursday, June 23, 2011


I saw a little challenge to take pictures the next time you take a-walk-about the place you live. So, when I went walking tonight, I did just that. The only thing is it's not around my subdivision, but it is really close to where I live.

Daybreak - has beautiful walkways all around their man-made lake. It's such a great place to go for a walk.

To begin our tour. . . We first walk through SodA ROW  -  Daybreak's Shopping district.

Then on to the bridges - this is the first bridge we cross

On to the circular bridges - it's like a big circular stair case - only there aren't any stairs ;)

Across the bridge - isn't it cute?  I love going across these bridges - they're all over the walking path's.

Jeff & Steve came this time too. . . . . . . . and NO . . . they aren't holding hands :)

This is my FAVORITE bridge - isn't it pretty!!! ♡

This is my favorite spot of the whole walk - you go across a board walk and through the reeds and cat tails - LOVE IT ♡

Berneen found some friends today :)
Awwww so cute ~ a momma with her little babies :)
Isn't that beautiful - I love it :)

And here's what you see at the end of that little board walk - a pretty little cascading river :)

You knew I had to be in at least one of the pictures - right? It felt like a picture moment :)

And we saw a beautiful sunset. 

Another beautiful cascading river. So pretty.

The other side of that bridge :)

Back on Soda Row - This guy is so cool - don't you think?

And this now ends the tour of Daybreaks walk ways. Come with us next time :)

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