Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eat Fo Free!

So today at work Michelle Willis called me to tell me about the Salsa Leedos sign. She said that it said that if your name was Jeff or Cindy come in and eat for free. I laughed right out loud and asked her if she was serious. She said really it was true. I texted Jeff and told him we were going to lunch for free today at Salsa Leedos. He thought there had to be a catch, I told him that we were going to find out just what that catch was.

We walked in and they asked if there were just the two of us. We said yes and you're not going to believe this, but I'm Cindy and this is Jeff. He said, "Shut-up!! No Way!! Are you kidding me?" Nope, not kidding, it's true.

On the way back to our table he says to one of the other waiters there, hey this is Cindy and Jeff. That guy was like, "Get outta here!! That's awesome!!"

So when our waiter came back he had to see our I.D.'s and then he told us that the way it worked is that anything under $9 and under is free. So there's that BIG catch!! Jeff's lunch was just under $9 and mine was just under $8 so the entire meal was "Fo Free!!"

You don't get to do that every day! There isn't much that you can get for free anymore. I think that is pretty awesome!! Thanks Michelle and thanks Salsa Leedos!! You made our day Ü

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Baptism and a Blessing

We made it to Mandy’s house this weekend. It was fun to see the house they are renting. It’s really nice. She has lots of space there. She was so nice to let us use her kids room’s and beds for us to sleep in. I felt sorta spoiled. That was so nice of their family.

The girls have grown up so much. Kali loves her little brother and is such a cute little helper. She was right there many times to help her momma with baby Isaac. It was so cute.

Lily has grown up so much too. She’s a fun loving girl. She has a special little spirit about her.

We got to see and hold little Isaac. Oh, he is such a cutie. Love him so much. He’s so little and just perfect.

Josh LOVE’s him!!  Almost at any moment you could find Josh by him or holding him. I think he’s going to make such a sweet dad one day. He was so cute with him.

We got there on Friday night. Jeff’s parents were there too. We had super yummy fish for dinner. I mention it just because I don’t want to forget and I have to try it. She sprinkled it with Blackened Redfish Magic by Chef Paul then she wrapped it in tin foil and cooked it on the barbecue.  It turned out so good, gonna have to do that.

Then the next morning we all got ready and were able to participate and be a part of 
Jacob’s baptism day. 

I felt grateful to be there and see him. I could really feel the spirit so strongly 
as his dad said a special prayer and baptized him. 

Jacob is growing up so much. I can feel him wanting to do what’s right. My boys love him so much. They were so excited to be part of his special day. We all were.

We also got to be part of Isaac’s blessing day. Two birds with one stone so to say. It was neat to be able to be there. It was a special day and I’m glad they live closer so we could be there.

Zac was excited too, he was just totally into his book.

The girls looked so pretty today and got ready so quickly. 
They were excited to be part of their brother’s special day. 

Mandy with Isaac at home before the blessing. 
So sweet.

Grandma and Grandpa showing the kids the special blessing blanket. Everyone’s name is embroidered around the outside edge. This blanket made each one of them feel pretty special.

The girls played the piano a couple times today. 

Josh finally got to hold Isaac. He was so sweet with him.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pinewood Derby Sweep

Hayden had his first pinewood derby tonight and he had a blast!! The announcer was awesome!!  He’s a “professional” and his track was all digital. It showed the time down to the .001 second.  Wow!!

He had each boy do four "Heats", each boy got to run on all four tracks so it was fair. Right off the bat, Hayden’s car broke the announcers fastest record and then he proceeded to win every heat! Hayden was beaming from ear to ear. We were feeling so happy! Then we were trying to keep a poker face.

Next the four fastest cars lined up for the final heat.

 Do You Think Hayden's Excited or what?!!

The first heat was on and BAM!! Hayden's car took first place AND beat his fastest record. Next, in the second heat, the announcer said something like, "Woah!! where did that car come from? where did he come from? that almost wasn't even fair!" (lol) Hayden's car came in first AGAIN!

On the third heat, Hayden's car seemed to catch on something and drag a bit. . . making Cole's car come in first place and Hayden come in a close second. I actually felt a little relieved - give someone else a turn :)

The final heat and Hayden's car not only came in first again but broke his fastest time again!!  Wow what a night!!

The Final Scores!!

One Happy Camper!!

Two Happy Boys :D

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Timpanogos Cave

So I found out that Jeff has never been to Timpanogos Cave.  Can you believe that? I couldn't believe it either. That needed to change, so a trip was planned and off we went.

Here's a few things that haven't changed: it was still as steep as I remember it, the cave was as pretty as I remember it, the cave was as cold as I remember it too.  Some things that did seem to change: the climb didn't seem as long as I remembered it, the tour was shorter than I remembered it, and we weren't told the stories that I remember. I think that we all thought it was well worth it.

Peek-a-Boo Stop :)

Extra Climb for a Good Picture :)

We made it 1/2 way!!

Waiting for the tour :)

Excited to go in

Wahoo!! ~ Tour Time!!

Cave Bacon

Cave Popcorn

Helictite's Look Like Coral to Me :)

I wonder if my BIG head will fit through this tight spot?  :)

Jeffrey Narrowly Made It Through

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Visit From the Chapman's

We've had the Chapman's with us for the past 4 days and 4 nights. It's been fun. We've tried to keep them entertained and happy. They arrived Friday night just in time for dinner.

It's a tradition in our family that we go out to eat for dinner on our birthday's. So, since Josh's is on Sunday this year, and we don't go out to eat on Sunday, we celebrated on Saturday night. The Chapman's had no choice but to tag along Ü which they seemed to do gladly.

On Sunday they came with us to church. I was a bit nervous, but all went well. They were so good. I couldn't believe how easily Callista went to our cute little sunbeam class. Mikaela went with Josh and Isaac went to his own class - only because I couldn't find Zac. Turned out that the girls in his class were just fine with that. They all thought he was "super cute!"

That night we celebrated Josh's b-day with a big family and friends dinner for Josh & Grandpa Q. Grandpa's b-day is on Monday - Aug. 1

Monday we went to the Sweet's Candy Factory and went on a tour there. The tour was actually pretty lame. You can't get close enough to see the candy being made, but the candy was delicious Ü

I cannot believe Callista smiled so BIG for this picture - She HATED that hat! Hated it!!

Smiley, smiley and apparently a little hyper too :D

Monday night Isaac was invited to play night games with Zac. This time at J's house instead of at the park. Hopefully that way there will be no night fight this time Ü (success!)

Tuesday we went to the Rec Center. We've never been able to go yet so we felt lucky that we got in. It was a blast. Outside of a few “nearly drowning” incidents, the kids had fun and so did we.

The Chapman's

The Boys

Brother and Sister

She did it!

Hayden finally made it across these fun lily pads ~ crawling on his hands and knees lol :D

This water feature is so cool :D

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Big 12!

Josh turns 12 today. We tried to make him feel special. He had his favorite breakfast, dippy eggs.

He had a special day at church. He received the priesthood and also had his last day in primary. Then he came home to family and friends for a birthday dinner. We had a full house due to the torrential down pour outside. Wow what a busy day!

He got lots of fun presents too - thanks everybody

Zelda Spirit Tracks DS Game

Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Two fun DVD Movies

And. . . . . the Potato Gun!

So fun!

Thanks everyone for making Josh's day special. 

Josh, I can hardly believe you're twelve. I want you to know that while you were being blessed with the priesthood and being set apart to the office of a deacon, I could feel the spirit in the room. I could feel that your dad loves you so much. I could also feel Heavenly Father's love for you. I asked you if you could feel the spirit during your blessing. You said yes you could. You bore your testimony today in church and I loved it.

You have a strong fun personality. You like to feel happy and have fun. You like to be silly and goofy. You often make me laugh - even when I really shouldn't be laughing. I love that about you. You are tender-hearted and very caring of others. You are going to be in middle school this year and you are very anxious. I pray that you will find good friends who let you continue to be yourself. You make me smile. You teach me how to love. I'm very grateful you are a part of our family. I can't imagine it without you.