Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Big 12!

Josh turns 12 today. We tried to make him feel special. He had his favorite breakfast, dippy eggs.

He had a special day at church. He received the priesthood and also had his last day in primary. Then he came home to family and friends for a birthday dinner. We had a full house due to the torrential down pour outside. Wow what a busy day!

He got lots of fun presents too - thanks everybody

Zelda Spirit Tracks DS Game

Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs

Two fun DVD Movies

And. . . . . the Potato Gun!

So fun!

Thanks everyone for making Josh's day special. 

Josh, I can hardly believe you're twelve. I want you to know that while you were being blessed with the priesthood and being set apart to the office of a deacon, I could feel the spirit in the room. I could feel that your dad loves you so much. I could also feel Heavenly Father's love for you. I asked you if you could feel the spirit during your blessing. You said yes you could. You bore your testimony today in church and I loved it.

You have a strong fun personality. You like to feel happy and have fun. You like to be silly and goofy. You often make me laugh - even when I really shouldn't be laughing. I love that about you. You are tender-hearted and very caring of others. You are going to be in middle school this year and you are very anxious. I pray that you will find good friends who let you continue to be yourself. You make me smile. You teach me how to love. I'm very grateful you are a part of our family. I can't imagine it without you.

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