Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lasik Eye Surgery

Jeffrey got Lasik done on Monday July 13. He couldn't believe how easy it was. He said that he wished he had've done it a long time ago. And to anyone wondering if they should get it done, he would say, "Go do it!!! Go do it!! GO DO IT NOW!!!" He has been so cute. He is constantly saying - I can see better than I've every seen before. He can see the detail of someone's face when they are far away - often even better than I can. He keeps saying, It's so weird to think that I can see this good without any contacts in. Almost every night without fail, he looks for his contact case or thinks to himself, okay I've gotta get these contacts out and go to bed. LOL I don't have any contacts in.

It's truely amazing the things that can be done today. I am amazed at the things people think up. I believe that they are inspired by a loving Heavenly Father and am truely grateful for Jeff's new exciting blessing of sight.

For anyone curious of the process - come on over - he has a CD of the procedure. WOW it is amazing. I would advise you to watch it when you are feeling your best. I didn't eat much that morning and almost did a "rubber larry" in the waiting room. Poor Jeffrey I wasn't very supportive for about 15 minutes - almost missed the whole thing. I couldn't watch it.