Thursday, May 27, 2010

positive thoughts

Today I'm working hard towards being positive. I am going to search for good - I know I can find it. I want to talk about the positive things in life - no more drama and working through frustrations (at least out loud). Okay so how do you do this when everything around you seems negative and drags you down??? Well - search for it. I looked up positive thinking techniques online and found a whole slew of ideas. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Fake it til you make it!! (this one is my favorite ;)

2. You REALLY DO have to count your blessings!!

3. Smile :) - you should try it. It's hard to feel ornery or grumpy when you smile.

4. Be Silly - Pretend - Act Like a Kid (look at pictures of kids - it will make you smile - promise)

5. Relax and let things happen. Don't dwell! Don't get caught in the THICK of thin things.

6. Exercise - get physical - dance

7. Associate yourself with those who think positively. You can benefit from attitudes of others.

8. Do something nice - look for the good in others.

9. Listen to something upbeat!! Music makes your mood - happy music=happy mood ϋ

10. Redirect your thoughts. If you hear something negative - take a deep breath and redirect your thoughts. (this one is hardest for me - it helps if you get help from those around :)

These were just 10 of the ones that were my favorite and that I'm trying hard to work on today - want more??? Here's the link

Friday, May 21, 2010

Faux hawk

Faux-hawk: "A fake mowhawk which approximates the style but without shaving the sides of the head."

The last time I cut the kids hair I said to each of them, "Are you sure you don't want me just to give you a faux-hawk? It would be so cool ! !" Then I leave a strip that's longer then the rest of their hair on the top of their heads on in the back. I proceed to take them to the bathroom and take their pictures and then have them look in the mirror. Then we walk in and show dad (who just laughs and laughs).

Zachary almost went for it. . .he thought about it for a while. Josh said no when I was doing it and said no again when he saw it in the mirror and he told dad I'm not keeping it dad we really aren't doing it.

Hayden on the other hand. . . . . . . said yes :)

Boy Oh Boy!! I like it. . . . it's fun and spunky but dad says he can only have it for a week then it's back to normal.

Deals to Meals

Do you want to find out the best prices on the items you buy at the grocery store?
Do you want help planing out your weekly dinners?
Do you need new recipe ideas?
Do you need a boost and encouragement on getting that food storage done at the best price?
Do you want to save money doing all of these things?

Well. . . if you answered yes to any of these questions, then I want to share this great company with you.

I love, love, love them!! I have been using them now for over a year!! It's so great to go to the website and print out a list of dinner ideas. I don't always use all of them but the ones we've used we have loved. It's so great to have your kids say, "Mom, I love this dinner!!" Wow!!

The other thing I have absolutely loved is that I have caught the FOOD STORAGE bug!! I know when I'm stocking up on something in my food storage I'm getting it at a great price too!!

So. . . . . feel free to check them out. and give them a try!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Spring Surprise!!

Guess What We Have???

I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but we have a bird's nest.
Right by our front door next to our porch light and the crazy man eating vine.

Anyway. . . I have seen a robin sitting on this nest from time to time. Well actually. . . I've seen a robin fly away from the nest, over to our neighbors roof and chirp and chirp at me.

So. . . when we saw this nest we thought - oh dear - guess we'll be going in and out
the garage this spring. I looked in the nest several times though
and didn't see anything but a nicely made little nest.

So. . . the other day when I was reading Kami's blog,
she posted about some new residents she has at her house.

Which reminded me that I hadn't looked in the nest for a while now.

Well I did today and here is what I found.

Can you see them??? Holy cow!!! It's so cool!!!

A Little Closer View - can you believe it??

Lookee, lookee!! - adorable :)

AWWWWW. . . . .aren't they just so cute?!!! :)

So I guess we have some new residents at our house too. Guess it's back to going in and out of the garage for sure - don't want these little guys to get freaked out and jump out too soon. It's so exciting!! :)