Friday, May 21, 2010

Faux hawk

Faux-hawk: "A fake mowhawk which approximates the style but without shaving the sides of the head."

The last time I cut the kids hair I said to each of them, "Are you sure you don't want me just to give you a faux-hawk? It would be so cool ! !" Then I leave a strip that's longer then the rest of their hair on the top of their heads on in the back. I proceed to take them to the bathroom and take their pictures and then have them look in the mirror. Then we walk in and show dad (who just laughs and laughs).

Zachary almost went for it. . .he thought about it for a while. Josh said no when I was doing it and said no again when he saw it in the mirror and he told dad I'm not keeping it dad we really aren't doing it.

Hayden on the other hand. . . . . . . said yes :)

Boy Oh Boy!! I like it. . . . it's fun and spunky but dad says he can only have it for a week then it's back to normal.

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Kelli said...

Cindy - I love it! What a good looking kid.