Monday, May 17, 2010

A Spring Surprise!!

Guess What We Have???

I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but we have a bird's nest.
Right by our front door next to our porch light and the crazy man eating vine.

Anyway. . . I have seen a robin sitting on this nest from time to time. Well actually. . . I've seen a robin fly away from the nest, over to our neighbors roof and chirp and chirp at me.

So. . . when we saw this nest we thought - oh dear - guess we'll be going in and out
the garage this spring. I looked in the nest several times though
and didn't see anything but a nicely made little nest.

So. . . the other day when I was reading Kami's blog,
she posted about some new residents she has at her house.

Which reminded me that I hadn't looked in the nest for a while now.

Well I did today and here is what I found.

Can you see them??? Holy cow!!! It's so cool!!!

A Little Closer View - can you believe it??

Lookee, lookee!! - adorable :)

AWWWWW. . . . .aren't they just so cute?!!! :)

So I guess we have some new residents at our house too. Guess it's back to going in and out of the garage for sure - don't want these little guys to get freaked out and jump out too soon. It's so exciting!! :)

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Kathleen White said...

That is so awesome! I hope you get pictures of the babies. You are too cute, I can almost hear you saying, "lookee, lookee!"