Thursday, April 16, 2009

We Want to Sell Dutch Oven Gold

So. . .lately we've been creating a product to put in your dutch oven to prevent it from going rancid when you store the dutch oven away.

It works - it's been in the process now for nearly a year and so far - so good. Still no rancid smell. So now the trick will be to advertise it, get it in a store, promote it, get the word out.

How to do that is the BIG question.

Any help?

If you click on the picture it takes you to a blog about the product - but really - I don't love it yet. I need help, suggestions, any thing else you'd like to know about it and ideas to spruce it up.

The plan is to send an email to D.O.G. (dutch oven going) people and ask send them to the blog in the hopes they would like to buy it or put it in their little stores.

HELP - please - (send me an email or comment here) suggest away, please.