Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sharing is Great Therapy!

I was a little nervous about making that last post - because really - it wasn't very positive - but it's been great therapy to share. Since that special experience with a sweet friend listening to the promptings of our Heavenly Father, there have been several more like that.

What a beautiful day we had this past weekend! Friday was just that pretty. I got home and it felt so good - I found out that Jeff had been outside working in the yard. He had trimmed up all the trees and our neighbors butterfly bushes (long story) anyway. Zac had power raked the front yard too, and there were piles all over the yard - I love it!!

I know I'm a little nutso about that, but I really do love working in the yard. So I immediately called the kids over to help clean up the piles. I was able to keep a good feeling going despite their sadness from being pulled away from playing.

It wasn't long before some friends from next door came to help. Then all of a sudden it was fun for everyone. Isn't it neat what friends, smiles and work can do for your soul?

Then Zac and I and our friends from next door went for a walk, while Jeffrey cooked up some hamburgers on the grill - yummmmm. What a great day!!! I sure needed that!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I has a sad :(

So I haven't updated for some time, because there really isn't much in the way of positive to tell you about. Since we got home from Hawaii it seems our whole world has been torn apart.

Oh - we really will be fine - really, it just seems that one thing right after another has gone wrong.

It actually started before we left, we found out that there were two people who wanted to sue us. All because we ended up not qualifying for a house we wanted to try to build. So as it stands now - we paid off one - so that's one down and one to go.

Then when we got back Jeff received reduced work hours and then was let go (fired - canned!!) - so he's out of work. Next thing I know, I got demoted in front of about 9 co-workers at work and just feel ornery, embarassed and just plain sad about it all.

So. . . that's what's been going on with us. We are trying to find a silver lining. Jeff is looking for work or another source of income and I'm looking for a new Mayor.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
One more thing to add - I am so grateful for those who listen to the spirit and act upon a prompting. A friend of mine one who I am not really best friends with but we are friends - (I say that only because it makes it that much more interesting) - called me yesterday. See I had been praying to know how to handle it all. I wanted so bad to visit with mom or dad and get a big hug. She called me and said, "Hi Cindy, how are you doing?" I told her the new phrase I tell everyone lately "Fabulous - how are you?" She said oh good because I've been thinking about you all day - I could not get you off my mind. Isn't that weird?! So you are good then?" I went on to tell her the truth because she really wanted to know. She followed the prompting of our Heavenly Father who found a way to send me a big hug!! I am truly grateful she listened to that prompting and acted on it - oh how I needed that hug!!
Everything wasn't magically fixed - we just found out that jeff's unemployment claim was denied - but for that moment - I felt that I mattered - I felt thought of and loved.