Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sharing is Great Therapy!

I was a little nervous about making that last post - because really - it wasn't very positive - but it's been great therapy to share. Since that special experience with a sweet friend listening to the promptings of our Heavenly Father, there have been several more like that.

What a beautiful day we had this past weekend! Friday was just that pretty. I got home and it felt so good - I found out that Jeff had been outside working in the yard. He had trimmed up all the trees and our neighbors butterfly bushes (long story) anyway. Zac had power raked the front yard too, and there were piles all over the yard - I love it!!

I know I'm a little nutso about that, but I really do love working in the yard. So I immediately called the kids over to help clean up the piles. I was able to keep a good feeling going despite their sadness from being pulled away from playing.

It wasn't long before some friends from next door came to help. Then all of a sudden it was fun for everyone. Isn't it neat what friends, smiles and work can do for your soul?

Then Zac and I and our friends from next door went for a walk, while Jeffrey cooked up some hamburgers on the grill - yummmmm. What a great day!!! I sure needed that!!


Nichol Family said...

I love that your happy day was filled with family, service, friends and work!!! Thatt is really when we are happy. I love this quote I hope you like it too:

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have."
I love you guys... make it a great day weekend!

Kelli said...

"Enjoy the journey!" My husband was fired last October and I my company had lay offs last week. I was let go! I know the sadness you feel and I know the joy you feel in hope, family and friends. Hang in there - things will work out.