Friday, July 8, 2011

Great Basin National Park & Lehman Caves

We just got back from a trip to Lehman Caves at Great Basin National Park. What a neat place to visit. We had great weather and beautiful scenery to enjoy. Mot to mention the fun memories we made with family and friends.

The Lehman Caves were amazing!!!

Here's a few of my favorite memories from the caves. You really should plan a trip there. Put this one on your list of family fun things to do.

Here was Josh's turn to crawl through the crawl space. 
Our Park Ranger Kelly said that you use to have to crawl through spaces 
this small to get all the way through the cave. 

This was right after our group sang Happy Birthday to Hayden

Park Ranger Kelly

Carey admiring an amazing formation in the cave - WOW!

The "Music Room" - they use to bang on the formations here and make "music"

Cave Bacon - looks yummy ;)

Amazing, really!

Josh really liked this spot. I think this was the swamp area. 
Lot's of water in here this year.

Parachute shields - pretty amazing!

This looks like it's coming to splatter all over Zac

I barely caught Jeffrey in this picture ;)

Zac and Ashlee thrilled to let me take their picture in the cavern room

This is our exit tunnel - I thought it was awesome in here too. 
Our Park Ranger, Kelly gave us an extra little experience of what it might sound like 
to be in an earthquake while you were in this cave. 
He had us all on stand on the left side of the tunnel, 
turned out the lights and kicked the door hard. 
It made the loudest and echoey sound I think I've ever heard. 
That would be super scary.

Caught Carey in this one ;)

Lehman Caves were awesome and something that I'm really glad we got to experience. Neat-O!

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