Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pinewood Derby Sweep

Hayden had his first pinewood derby tonight and he had a blast!! The announcer was awesome!!  He’s a “professional” and his track was all digital. It showed the time down to the .001 second.  Wow!!

He had each boy do four "Heats", each boy got to run on all four tracks so it was fair. Right off the bat, Hayden’s car broke the announcers fastest record and then he proceeded to win every heat! Hayden was beaming from ear to ear. We were feeling so happy! Then we were trying to keep a poker face.

Next the four fastest cars lined up for the final heat.

 Do You Think Hayden's Excited or what?!!

The first heat was on and BAM!! Hayden's car took first place AND beat his fastest record. Next, in the second heat, the announcer said something like, "Woah!! where did that car come from? where did he come from? that almost wasn't even fair!" (lol) Hayden's car came in first AGAIN!

On the third heat, Hayden's car seemed to catch on something and drag a bit. . . making Cole's car come in first place and Hayden come in a close second. I actually felt a little relieved - give someone else a turn :)

The final heat and Hayden's car not only came in first again but broke his fastest time again!!  Wow what a night!!

The Final Scores!!

One Happy Camper!!

Two Happy Boys :D


Troy said...


That looks like quite the speedy car and what a fun experience. Good job.

Uncle Troy

Kathleen White said...

Congrats to Hayden!!