Saturday, August 20, 2011

Timpanogos Cave

So I found out that Jeff has never been to Timpanogos Cave.  Can you believe that? I couldn't believe it either. That needed to change, so a trip was planned and off we went.

Here's a few things that haven't changed: it was still as steep as I remember it, the cave was as pretty as I remember it, the cave was as cold as I remember it too.  Some things that did seem to change: the climb didn't seem as long as I remembered it, the tour was shorter than I remembered it, and we weren't told the stories that I remember. I think that we all thought it was well worth it.

Peek-a-Boo Stop :)

Extra Climb for a Good Picture :)

We made it 1/2 way!!

Waiting for the tour :)

Excited to go in

Wahoo!! ~ Tour Time!!

Cave Bacon

Cave Popcorn

Helictite's Look Like Coral to Me :)

I wonder if my BIG head will fit through this tight spot?  :)

Jeffrey Narrowly Made It Through

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