Saturday, June 11, 2011

Parade Day & Carnival Rides

Today's activities started with the Parade. I took Hayden and Josh and didn't even check with Zac. He had been out late to a party and so I didn't want to wake him. I should have though. He wanted to come with us.  He walked over by himself. I was so glad he did!!

Lynda's Dog Italy. She is such a beautiful and good dog! The boys loved playing with her.

Lynda invited us over to her house for a great view of the parade. Here we are ready for a great time.

Here I am ready for the parade

Josh and Hayden are ready for it to start.

We are all ready for the parade. . . isn't it after 9:00am? :D Stacie, Me & Lynda

Fire Engines are Loud!!

Joe's company did some amazing tricks - WOW!  They are awesome.

Then we went back for all the carnival "rides." The kids didn't really go on the rides though they spent most of their time on the bouncy things.

The Wave of Fire

The Ultimate Challenge Bounce House & Slide

 Zac entered to win a guitar. . . the pink one :)

Ty Nielsen's Pony Ride

Hayden tried the Velcro Wall

So did Josh - it was hillarious :)

The Velcro Wall - so Funny :) - push play and watch Josh - it's so funny!!
It was great family fun. We plan on going next year too. 

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Christi said...

Looks fun! We went to the parade too, we missed the carnival part though.