Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hayden's First Day of School!!

Today was Hayden's First Day of School. He didn't get to go with Zac and Josh yesterday because the school thought they could only handle giving the first grade kids an "assessment" day! Whatever. . . . so today was his first day.

I asked my big first grader how his first day of school was and he said, "It was good, but mom you know what? I was kind of scared at first because it was a little scarey at the first part, but by the end of the day mom, you know what? . . . . . . . I had fun. But mom, you know what? I got in a little bit of trouble today." I said, "uh-oh how come?" He said, "Because I didn't want to put something away." I told him he would have to pay attention to the class rules and always follow the class rules. He said, "okay mom, love you, bye." Such a cutie patootie!! Can't believe he's in first grade!!

I have to say - this year marks big deal school for my kids - Hayden in First Grade!! Zac in Sixth Grade!!! and Josh is in Fourth Grade!! I'm tellin' ya - I'm feeling like it's all going by a little too fast - which makes me feel like I need to "make you banana pancakes pretend like it's the weekend now and we can pretend it all the time. Cause when the whole world fits inside of your arms do we really need to pay attention to the alarm? Wake up slow, mmm mmm wake up slow!" YOU GOTTA LOVE JACK!!! Which brings me to my next post. . . . . . . . Jack Johnson!!!

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Kathleen White said...

Good luck kids! I can't even believe little Hayden is big enough for 1st Grade. Amazing!