Friday, February 1, 2013

Happier at Home ~ 21 Day Relationship Challenge

I haven't blogged forever!! Looks like it's pretty much been a year since my last post . . . . pathetic!! Well I have missed a lot about it so I'd like to start blogging again.
The other day I got an email from the Happiness Project lady and she said she was giving us a Relationship Challenge for a Happier at Home 21 Day Relationship Challenge and I thought I'd take that challenge for the month of February being that it's love month and all (",)

Day 1 Kiss in the Morning, Kiss at Night
{If something’s important to you, find a place for it in your calendar. For me, at least, if something isn’t in my calendar, it probably won’t happen.
For that reason, every morning, every night, I kiss my husband. No surprise, couples feel more connected if they kiss and touch frequently; research establishes that kissing boosts feelings of intimacy, eases stress, and encourages bonding. 
Every morning, I wake up at 6 a.m., an hour before my husband, so I kiss him before I get out of bed. (Usually his face is buried in the pillow, so I kiss his shoulder). Then I kiss him before he leaves for work. I also give him a proper welcome-home kiss, not just an absentminded wave, and a real good-night kiss. My husband has always been good about kissing good night at bedtime, but I make sure we never skip.
Yes, it’s a bit preposterous to have a kissing schedule, but if something’s important to me—even something like showing affection—I should make time for it, even if that means kissing with the regularity of tooth-brushing. 
By acting more loving, we make ourselves feel more loving, and at the same time, make our sweethearts feel more loved.
Resolve to “Kiss in the morning, kiss at night”—or find a way to establish your own habit of affection.}

Jeff and I do this all the time! But I made a big point of it today! Kissing is AwEsOmE ;)

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