Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8 - Mother's Day

We had big plans today. We wanted to sail the Napali Coast. We reserved a sunset tour. We were all very excited. Well, Emalee wasn't as excited as the rest of us - sounds like she's gotten sea sick bad in the past boo :( so she's been taking ginger the past three days hoping to make it through.

The day started off with more rain than we'd seen the whole entire trip. YIKES!! Found out later that the island received 6 inches of rain today alone. 14 inches the entire week.

Look at that down spout and the puddles everywhere!!

Nevertheless, we all got ready for church and off we went. We hadn't gone far when we saw that the road was closed. Barricaded by a police officer and blocked off too. So. . . . no church today :( boo :(

We got home and the guys made us a yum-O Mother's Day Breakfast.

We packed a lunch and snacks and off we went with big hopes the weather would clear and 
we'd be able to have our Napali Coast Tour.

We had almost made it to the launch spot, when we got a call that they had cancelled the tour :( boo #2.

So. . . we decided to try and make the best of the day - rain and all.  We were on the opposite end of the Island and it wasn't raining as bad as it was that morning. We decided to go beach combing.

Beautiful path along the way

I love these bushes :D 

Sea Beans

Another pretty beach . . .  even with it raining. 

I can't remember the name of this beach - but we nick named it
"Sea Bean Beach"

All alone in paradise :D

While Emalee and I were picking up sea beans with Jeffrey, Kendal had taken his own path to the beach and found a cave. He came to get us and I'm glad he did. It was pretty cool.

Stalactites or Stalagmites?

Doesn't this look like an Ancient Cave? 

The tour guide took our picture - how nice :D

We look like we're on a movie set in this one.

Come to find out it actually is the setting for a movie - Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger Tides. Cool!!

On our way back to the Jeep - we picked up a few coconuts someone had obviously set to the side. 
Finders Keepers - right?

Well except for when you come upon the ones that had put them to the side - LOL These guys were a riot!!  I think they were both VERY drunk!!  The one guy was so loud, "Drop your weapons! Drop Everything!" he yelled at us and then began to laugh out LOUD!!

Jeff wasn't giving his up. Kendal gave his back. They then asked if we wanted one - he'd cut it open for us. Emalee was the brave one and said sure. He asked her if she wanted rum in hers. She politely declined (LOL :)

 Then we were planning on eating on the boat and we didn't have much left for dinner - we were also far away from our condo. So we all decided to go out to eat. We decided to try the Puka Dog. (Puka means "hole" in hawaiian)  They poke a hole into the fresh made hotdog bun and then add a yum-O hawaiian relish and mustard. I was a bit nervous to try it, but I ended up really liking it. We need a Puka Dog here in Utah :D

Then while Jeff turned his back - I hurried and gave one of the locals a smoocheroo ;)  cute ;)

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