Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6 - Secret Beach and Lumahai Beach

Today we went to Secret Beach.

Shhhhh it's a secret. . . . .okay not really we probably saw more people on this beach then any other.

Sticking with the theme in Kauai the hike to the beach. Never disappointing.

It was a pretty cool beach with a lot of little pools in the lava rocks. Lots of places to explore!

There were pools in the rocks like this everywhere!!

Lot's of the pools had little hermit crabs. Aren't they are so cute. Wish I could bring them home :D

Emalee and Kendal found some too :D

This one is George 
and this one is Fred.

And look at this guy - most of them are black I wonder what he's doing here?

There were a few caves too. What a great little place to stay out of the rain. 

We discovered lots of pretty places

We discovered a lot of these Portugese Man of War's so we decided not to go in the water. We started circling them so the family that was playing here would be more aware. They had cute kids running all over the beach we didn't want any of them to get stung.

Next Stop Lumahai Beach

This beach was pretty. It felt so remote. I thought this would be a good "make out" beach so did another couple who was here too.  Wow that guy was such a stud - he ran out onto a rock for his wife and had her take a picture of him. He was so cool!!

We found this stuff all over the beach and later found out that it is called Olivine the Hawaii Diamond. Isn't that so cool!!  It's pretty. Emalee bought me a bracelet made out of it for my birthday. :) That was so nice of her :)

It's a little piece of heaven here. Wish I could stay longer. I ♥ it here.

We also found . . .  . .  roosters and chickens . . . . . . . LOL isn't that crazy?!!  Funny

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