Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4 - A Day Filled with Fun!

This is a long one.....bare with me, but WoW we did a lot today! Lot's of fun!! First we went on a little hike to Queen's Bath since it was so close to our condo.

The hike down was really actually easy. I can imagine it gets slippery when wet though. The scenery is like you're walking through a jungle. I loved it!!  We saw a little water fall on the way too which I thought was really cool.

When we got there, I can imagine why people snorkel in it but I can see why there are cautions all over the place too. It fills in with water fast and you could crash into the rocks or get sucked back out to sea. Scary!!

Queen's Bath was BEAutiful!!

Next . . . . . . Tunnels Beach

The we decided to go for some snorkeling. I know I'm such a geek girl but it got my stomach all in knots. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of snorkeling, but I'm not a fish in the water that's for sure. However, this is a big part of why we came here, so we headed for Tunnels Beach. Which is "famous" for snorkeling.

You need to know it has a BEAutiful beach and amazing views too. I loved the sand here.

Pictures in front of Bali Hai

Jeffrey's lookin' excited to go snorkeling :D

And guess what? I snorkeled here too. I really did. A big thanks to Emalee. She was so patient at urging me in. She waited until I was ready and she stayed close. She took me into the deeper parts and got me out of there when I freaked out. I only wish I had a picture to prove it, but I did it!!  It was so neat. It's a shallow beach and it has rocks with coral (which the fish seem to love) clear up to the sand. You could see all sorts of little fishies and schools of small fish. I loved it!! You can see how clear it is in the picture below.

AND, the little doves were not afraid to eat right out of your hands.

I know this one's long . . . .  . . . but I have to include the One Lane Bridges in here. I thought they were the coolest things. They were everywhere on the island.

On to Hanakapi'ai Beach

We decided to hike to Hanakapi'ai Beach. Wow this was a beautiful hike! It wasn't too bad on the way but it was not so easy on the way back. However, it was all worth it!  It was pretty tricky for me to make sure to place my feet just right. Look at that climb!!  It was awesome!!  And this wasn't even the muddy part!

But just look at the views - like a postcard.

And you got to go through jungle tunnels.

More Beautiful Views

A cool face in the rock! Cute!

Another breathtaking view of Bali Hai! Just gorgeous!

I think this is a view of the beach that we're hiking too. Exciting!!

My attempt at proving I was here too :D

Kendal and Emalee were too. Look at all those ferns behind them!!  ♥ IT !!

Did I mention you felt like you were hiking through the jungle?
Look at these funky flowers!!   So cool!!  I ♥ it!!

Look at this cool tree!  The trunk looks like it has elephant skin.

More ferns - so pretty :D

Got him!!  Yep Jeffrey got him - this mosquito was dead and it didn't even get to bite ~ whew!!

Look at these funky flowers too ~ I've never seen anything like this before!!

Jeffrey so happy we're here. We nick-named this beach - Rock Pile Beach!!
Isn't it cool!!  I ♥♥♥  it! It was well worth the hike here and back too.
Even when my knees wanted to give up.

Emalee and Jeffrey just soaking in the views.

What a FaBuLoSo day!!

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