Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3 - A Look Around

We decided to take a look around today before we went to pick up Emalee and Kendal at the airport.

I love lighthouses and we were really close to the Kilauea Lighthouse so we went to take a look, only it didn't open until 10a and we were there somewhere around 8:00a. So we took pictures from the overlook.

Then we decided to drive by a close beach. We went and checked out Anini Beach today. We had fun strolling along and taking pictures.

Tried to go to a fresh fish market today but it wasn't open until 11a. 
I think we were there around 9:30a or so and we didn't want to wait. 
There were pretty unusual flowers around the back and so we took a few pictures of them. 

So pretty

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