Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today is Tuesday, January 27, but I'm posting for Sunday and Monday. On Sunday we went to church in Laie. It's right next to the temple. The ward members are so kind. You can just feel such a great love here. It was a good meeting. Good talks about staying humble, helping your family and going forward in faith during this tough economic time. Isn't it interesting that the feeling of economic hardship is everywhere.

Then we went and walked around the temple grounds. The temple is shut down this year. They are taking off all the paint so they can repaint it. We went to the visitors center and watched a few movies and guess who we met? - Mark Eubanks!! He use to be a weather man on channel 5! He was very nice and told us the weather forcast in Utah - snow, rain and wind.
After that, we went over to Gma &
Gpa's condo and had really yummy hawaiian style pancakes. This picture is blurrier than I'd hoped but we had banana's, pineapple, coconut, macadamia nuts and coconut syrup on our pancakes!! YUM!!

Then we played a card game called 5 Crowns with them it was a good day.

On Monday we went to Costco. They almost didn't let me in. I guess my membership doesn't allow me in until 11am and it was 10:30am. I got separated from dad and gma & gpa but as soon as explained that I was with them they let me in.

Then we went and sat out at the beach at Turtle Bay while dad and gpa snorkled. It was so pretty and sunny you could see so many things in the water - it was so clear. Gma and I saw tons of whales out close to the horizon. It was fun we saw them raise up their tales and splash and we saw their fins come clear out of the water!! After that gma and I played in the pool. Then we went to sharks cove.

It was pretty calm this time and we were able to walk around in the pools just to the west of the cove. We saw all sorts of interesting fish and we even saw something that looked like a BIG OLD HAIRY legged spider!! Gpa insisted that is was some sort of sea creature, but we aren't so sure. Gpa and dad found lots of neat shells and then we tried to capture the sun set. I'm sure you can see - that dad was thrilled!! ;) We had a fun day and want to go back when we have more day light. Dad found you some neat shells.


Troy said...

If you get a chance and it is calm, snorkling in sharks cove is about as good as it gets. Try it.

Emily said...

Wow. wow. wow. Just thinking of you over here. We know you are enjoying every minute over there!

Nichol Family said...

I love the pictures... especially the one of you and Jeff kissing in the sunset. How romantic! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. We are so happy for you and are glad you were able to be there with Mom and Dad. Wonderful memories!!!