Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oahu on January 24

Hi Chapmans & Boys - hope you're having fun. Here's a little bit of what we did today.
We went to Ko Olina on the West side of the island. Dad & Grandpa went snorkeling. . .

and Grandma & I hung out in the beautiful park there.

Then we walked around to see what else we could see. The hotels there are gorgeous and really fancy and the landscape is just beautiful!

Here's what the entrance to the park looked like and the road out. It was really pretty here. Grandpa and Dad saw a really cool Trumpet Fish, Two Sea Turtles and an Octopus!! They said it was well worth the drive. What do you think?

Then we went for a drive to Haleiwa to get a shaved ice at the Aloha General Store - yum!! Grandpa got a smoothy and Grandma got ICECREAM - she loved it, but oh boy did she cough afterwards! She said it was well worth it!

Then on the way back to the condo we saw a beautiful rainbow, though this picture does not give it justice it was so brilliantly colored - it was a fun day!! We had to keep reminding ourselves that it's JANUARY 24th and it was 81 degrees here today.
We missed you today and want to bring you next time for sure - love you guys hope you are having fun and being good. Talk to you soon!!

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