Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zac & Josh Got Hair Cuts!!

Okay, so Zac is the one that started it all. He wanted me to give him a really short hair cut for summer. He talked about it and asked me several times - I told him I was nervous that I didn't know how to do it. Then we went to a family party on Jeff's side and a darling little boy began to talk to me about all sorts of stuff, well during our conversation he said that my kid's hair cuts were weird. He then went on to say that Zac's hair was okay but Josh and Hayden's hair cuts were weird. I had Josh's hair cut in like a bowl cut. I had been wanting to give him more layers on top and this was just the nudge I needed to get it done (so he could be in style and not have a weird hair cut anymore:) - you gotta love the honesty right?!!). When I told Josh I wanted to cut his hair again and give him more layers on the top, Josh told me he wanted it cut really short again. I have cut it real short before, but it'd been a long time. So - Josh became my guinea pig. I tried to cut his hair with the buzzers. I started out using a not so long sized cutter on the buzzer - of course I did this in the front of his head - poor thing - his bangs (or lack there of) got way too short. So then I tried to even it out with my fingers. "Mom, it will be okay - it will grow out," Josh said. What a nice boy!! I think it turned out okay though - just lots different from what it has been.

Then I cut Zac's hair and used the longest sized buzzer attachment on the top and then the next to shortest one on the back and sides. It was so easy and it turned out great - I think. The only thing with him is you have to use wax in his hair or it's just a big fuzz ball. He does a good job styling his own hair though so it will be great!

What do you think?

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Trudi & Gary said...

Cindy - great job on the haircuts, they look so grown-up and happy with their new looks. :-)
Hope to see you guys soon, Trudi