Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Bit About the Quicks

Jeff (JQ) Drafter by day - dad, genius, entrepreneur, philosopher, handy man, & financier by night.

Cindy (Cindy Lou) Admin. Assistant by day - mom, geek girl, maid, cook, psychologist, and busy bee by night.

Zac (ZQ) is our oldest. He is an amazing artist. He wants to make everyone smile. We just discovered he has a great talent for writing. AND he is becoming a teenager fast.

Josh (joshy boshy) is our fun loving middle child. He is always making us laugh. Loves to be active. AND He has a quick wit about him that we love - he keeps us all laughing!

Hayden (bugga-boo) is the youngest and full of spunk. He is also full of "grace." He is always saying the funniest things and trying hard to be big like his brothers.

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Trudi & Gary said...

Cindy, so funny that you have all boys when you didn't have any brothers. Everything must be so fun and new, you are blessed to have such a fun family that gets along well with each other.
Love ya,
your cousin Trudi