Friday, July 25, 2008

Four Day Weekend!!

I found out that I get the 24th & the 25th off for the Holiday this year. So we decided that we better make the best of it. On the 23rd we made a fast trip to Cabella's to see if we could find some cots for our family reunion in Island Park. This year we have to "rough it" and I was not realy looking forward to it. Two years ago we bought a dumpy little trailer - but going camping in a trailer vs. going camping in a tent - HUGE difference for me. Then last year we stayed in a cabin. This guy at work who has the lighting account owns a cabin in Island Park and he said we could borrow it. That was even better. Anyway. . . Jeff said he'd get us some cots since he doesn't want to pull the trailer again and I don't want to stay in a tent.

Anyway. . . we took the boys with us to Cabella's. Taking all three boys with us anywhere is never an easy task. Zac is always our best shopper, while Hayden and Josh act as if the store is a brand new huge playground entirely their own. They run in and out of everywhere they can, playing hide-and-seek. It is so embarassing disciplining your children in a store. So. . . this time I gave them specific instructions before we entered the store that this time I wanted them to remember that the store is NOT their playground. Josh actually listened and did really well, Hayden even did pretty good. Of course it wasn't terribly too hard for them, after all Cabella's is like a big boys play ground and I let them enjoy it a bit. We took a few pictures because we knew it would be fun!

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