Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisdom Teeth Day Two

Zac got his wisdom teeth out yesterday. Here's the before. He seems pretty happy for someone about to get his wisdom teeth out wouldn't you say? He was, but I think it was because he thought the assistant helping the doctor was cute :D

And here he is after. Not as happy, but trying to be a champ. I thought he did great. He is following the instructions well and putting ice on his cheeks. Not trying to be a masked ninja :)

Not so much fun today. It's hard to see him not feeling well. Yesterday, around dinner time, he almost lost it. I think it was from the Loritab. So, needless to say, I'm not giving that to him again today. Can't risk him throwing up and getting dry sockets.
I hope he's feeling lots better tomorrow. 
We have been invited for dinner at Grandma Quick's house. 
Do you think Turkey Pot Pie is soft enough 
to eat after you've had your wisdom teeth out?

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jen1313 said...

Darn, I forgot to bring over the ice cream. Hope he's feeling better.