Saturday, June 20, 2009

Raingutter Regatta

So. . .this was a first for us. Our cub scouts had a raingutter regatta instead of a pinewood durby this year. So. . .Jeff created a boat for Josh instead of a car. It was sorta tricky, but he did a great job - don't you think?

Josh wanted to make sure and have his boat be #1. So that's just what we did.

Then it was off to the race. . .sitting with anticipation. . .

It was tricky for Josh to get the hang of it - the first time he raced he came in second. He said blowing all that way was making him super dizzy. He was a little bit disappointed that he came in second, but all he needed to hear is that he got another chance.
He kept his hopes up and had a positive attitude.
And at the end of the event. . . . . .

Josh took first place!!!! It was so exciting!! Good job captain Josh -
and a big thanks to his engineer (dad) :)
Then he had to race against the scout master's boat . . . I missed a picture of it but it was not regulation and the scout master won :)
Then he had to race against the Primary First Councilor's boat - isn't it pretty - Josh won this race - hands down :)

He can't wait to claim his prize in August. What a fun event.


Kathleen White said...

I loved it when our scouts did the regata! I'm glad Josh found it as fun as my boys did way back when. Congratulations on your wins.

Nikki said...

Thank you. And I think you know why!!

Valerie said...

Who is that in the last picture with Josh? He looks really familiar.