Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Temple Celebration

For the past three months Zac has had the wonderful opportunity to participate and practice for the temple celebration. He had two options: Choir or Dance. He chose to dance. As the practices started, he found out they needed a few boys to be part of the couple dances and he said yes. He practiced every Wednesday night and several Saturdays. He was out until after 9pm each Wednesday night. Then he had three practices at the Conference Center downtown. They were long practices from 5 - 10pm, 3 - 11p and then the final performance from 3 - 10p. He said he had fun at each practice. He did the Charleston. It was fun to watch him do his dance.

It ended up that I was asked to take him to the stake center before he went downtown and I was so glad. Usually there was a team captain that came to pick him up and take him to the last few practices downtown. Because I got to take him this time, I was able to see him in his "costume" and take a few pictures. There was a lot of excitement there and it was fun.

On Saturday (the performance day) I got two tickets, so Paula and I went. It was exciting to go to the conference center to see him perform. We got there with plenty of time and were able to see their coaches talk to them and give them pep talks and also share their testimonies. What a neat experience it was. It started with a neat video of the practices for all of these youth. There were over 7,000 youth who participated in this event.

We were able to hear from our Prophet. I felt his strong spirit as he spoke to these wonderful youth and thanked them for their hard work. He has such a powerful spirit about him, this spirit touched my heart. There was also such a strong spirit during the whole event, what a powerful experience this was.

I hope Zachary will never forget his experience here, I know I won't. I feel newly inspired that we need to get to the temple again. There is a lot of work to be done.

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Kathleen White said...

Wow! What a terrific opportunity and great experience for both you and Zach. Thanks for sharing. The pictures are adorable!