Thursday, July 9, 2009

Seven is Super!!

Yesterday was Hayden's 7th Birthday!! Tried to make it a fabulous day!! He woke up to his door decorated - thanks to a neat tradition from his aunt Mandy.

Then he got to go shopping with the whole family at lunch time and got take out from Chic-Fil-A!!! YUMMMMYYYYY!!!

And to top it off we had some great friends over for a BBQ Dinner. I think he had a fabulous day.

Hayden you are such a sweet boy. You have a kind and BIG heart. You are very thoughtful at such a young age. I am trying to learn from you. You never want anyone to be angry at you and you are quick to say sorry if that happens. You like to keep up with your brothers but you're just fine being the youngest too.

Here are your birthday abc's. You are Affectionate, Benevolent, Creative, Darling, Energetic, Friendly, Giving, Helpful, Inspiring, Joyful, Kind, Lively, Marvelous, Nice, Optimistic, Personable, Quizzical, Rowdy, Super, Thoughtful, Unique, Valiant, Whimsical, Xstreme, Youthful, and Zesty!!

We love you and are so glad you are part of our family!!

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