Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 365

One of the challenges of 2011 is going to be my own 365. I've been inspired by Kami - she doesn't even know it, but I have really enjoyed peeking in on her 365 challenge and thought it might be fun to try one of my own. It appears that you take a picture every day. Create a gallery of your year through pictures and tell a story. I already blew the first day - ddrrrr. . . . . but I thought I'd just get going and start today instead and go forward. And so it begins. . . . :)

(Yesterday would have been a really cool day to begin because it was 1-1-11 that doesn't happen very often ;) )

So here's the first picture of the year

Why an empty shampoo bottle you ask? Well this picture represents something I learned today. I got in the shower to get ready for church and !*!KABAM!*! - this empty shampoo bottle was staring me in the face!! Yikes I had no shampoo. I felt very strongly that I need to store shampoo too - not just food - shampoo. So tomorrow I will have to go get shampoo to store.

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