Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I think it's been almost every year so far in our marriage, except for maybe the first few that we have gone to the McFarlane's for Christmas Eve and spent Christmas Day with the Quick's. This year Mom & Dad Quick got to go see Mandy for Christmas Day so they had their party on Christmas Eve. It was a lot of fun. Gma Quick was SO SO generous this year!! She had 32 presents for each of us to open!!

WOW!! They had SO MUCH FUN!! They were so excited and loved each one!

We had fun just watching them open the presents and see their faces when their stacks were placed before them. :) :) :)

It was fun to see that Gma Quick had almost as much fun giving them the gifts as they did opening them.

Jeffrey & I got present's too :) :) :) We felt very spoiled!!!

Christmas Day ended up pretty quiet. The kids had a good time finding out what they received and had a fun time playing with their new toys.

Then it was just quiet the rest of the day. I realized I should have planned some fun things out for Christmas Day, but I had nothing.

Lynda White's family does a fun sock exchange as part of her party on Christmas Day and they have often gone to see a movie or they go up to the ski resorts and go sledding. That might be something fun & for us to do in the future for our family.

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