Monday, August 23, 2010

Charter Schools

Has anyone ever looked into charter schools. This has been on my mind lately. Next year Hayden will be in school all by himself and I thought it might make that easier if they were all on the same "traditional" schedule.

If I do it - I'd have to figure out how to get him there and pick him up every day though - and that part is a little overwhelming right now.

Just wonder about your thoughts on the subject.


jen1313 said...

I like the charter schools. We have actually tried to get Karen into the Providence Hall. They have great programs in math, art, science and reading. Their facility is really nice too. We haven't been able to get her in yet. Good luck with the decision.

Pam said...

Do a little research and definitely ask parents of kids who are enrolled. Know the school philosophy and their track record. There are often other requirements too depending on the school. (Ours out here requires each parent to volunteer for 20 hours in the classroom during the year - that's 40 hours total). I've heard great things from some and horror stories from others. It is definitely and individual decision - it has kind of torn apart our ward/neighborhood - kind of creating an elitist feel even though it is a lottery to get in.