Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This Thanksgiving was different then any I've had in the past. It ended up being a lot of fun and we had some great times, but it was really different. Sometimes, it's hard to know when to change traditions and start new ones. This year seems like it was just the beginning of changing traditions for me.
First off we had Thanksgiving early. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law Mandy & Steve were able to come in to town the Saturday before Thanksgiving (which we really were so excited for!!) so, that's when we had Thanksgiving Day - it was so nice to be all together as a family for the holiday - it was quickly apparent that it didn't matter that it was before the actual holiday. The point was everyone was together to celebrate it (well, except for Kendal that is (we missed him) - it always seems like someone gets sick).

So. . . on Thanksgiving Day we had finger foods and smoked turkey sandwiches and just hung out with each other. This time Kendal was there but Gpa Quick ended up having to work and of course Mandy and Steve had to go back home. It was still great to get together and hang out, just different once again.
It didn't stop there, then on Saturday my sisters and I decided to get together and Rose's house and play games and have left over turkey sandwiches and veggies. It ended up that we were able to stretch the holiday to include everyone. It was fun.

I learned that traditions can change and still be really fun - you just have to get your mind around it. I am definately a creature of habit, but it can be taught!! :)

The other thing that made it extra different was missing my parents around, that is really tricky. In one way I tried hard not to think about it, because it made it feel sad, but in another way it was good just to remember those fun times together, cause that's some of the best memories I have.

Overall - Thanksgiving is such a great start to the holiday season, it helps you to stop and remember all the things you should be thankful for each day!!

Family, Cousin's, Good Food, a Home, Laughter, Children, and the Gospel pulling it all together !!


Kelli said...

I agree it is hard to change traditions. But it sounds like you made it work and it looks like you had a lot of fun.

Kathleen White said...

I really enjoyed our get together. It was different, but in a way it reminded me of Thanksgivings when we were younger - we'd hang around and play games all afternoon. It was fun!