Monday, December 15, 2008

Honorable Mention!!

If you know Zac you know you can almost always find him drawing or writing stories to go along with his art work. He has become quite the little artist. This year the theme for Reflections was "WOW!!" how easy is that. I told him to turn in one of his pictures because whenever he shows them to anyone (including me) I always hear the same response, "Wow! That is so good Zac!!" So. . .needless to say, he turned in one of his most recent and favorite drawings.

He did a great job, he got an award for honorable mention and I thought it was definately worth mentioning too!!

Great job Zac - keep it up!!

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jen1313 said...

Wow! Really WOW! I'm very impressed. That's great he got an award for it.