Monday, October 20, 2008

Zac is 12!!

Zac it's really hard to believe that you have turned 12 years old!! We are so happy that you are worthy to be a Deacon - can you believe it?!! I can't wait to see you passing the sacrament. What a great example you are to your brothers. You are such a great son!!

This year Zac's birthday fell on Saturday. He told me that he had the best birthday ever. We took three of his friends to the Mummy Movie and then out to dinner - they had a blast. It was so much fun to see him goofing off with his friends and acting so much like tweens (note to self - in case I forget the term later - between 12-16 years old) - I could barely stand how old it made me feel. He is growing up so fast - teenage years here we come!!

On Sunday we invited Grandma and Grandpa Quick to church with us so they could be part of Zac's big day. Getting set apart as a deacon is a big deal and we are so happy for you.

Thanks Gma & Gpa Quick for changing around your schedule so you could be there with us - it meant to much to us.

Zachary you are growing up so fast and you have been such a great example to your younger brothers. I love you so much!!

Here are my love ABC's for you this year. You are an Artistic, Bright, Clever, Diligent, Exemplary, Friendly, Gentleman, Happy, Invaluable, Jovial, Kind, Lively, Mellow, Novelist, Optimistic, Polite, Quizzical, Respectful, Silly, Terrific, Understanding, Vigilant, Wacky, Xenial, Youthful & Zesty young man. We love you so much!!


lisabirdgirl said...

Think YOU feel old?! Alex is now a Teacher! Oy! They grow up so dang fast!
Congrats Zac! Way to go!

Nichol Family said...

I love the pictures. Mom told me how handsome he looked in his white shirt and black pants and tie. Thanks for letting me see for my self. Or as close as I can get. Which we could have been there to share this special time with you. Love you!

Kathleen White said...

Cindy and Lisa - you girls are still plenty young. I have one that's a teacher and another child about to turn 18 - an adult! Yikes! It's terrifying. But congratulations to Zac! Twelve is big. It's great to see your own son passing the sacrament. Before you know it, he'll be old enough to give you a blessing! Jeremy's Grandma says that's the best. I'm looking forward to that myself.