Thursday, October 9, 2008

We've Adopted ! !

Wanted to introduce you to the new family addition!
Our new Boxster Porsche! Isn't she cute!!!

We've been so busy it's taken me some time to post the new pictures, but here they are finally! It's been an easier adjustment then I thought. There is definately a different feel in our home now that she's here. We've all felt it - there just a great feeling of joy. We've also felt a lot more relaxed now that she's around. She gets along with the boys so well. They just love her! They have taken such great care of her and they don't even mind it when we ask them to play with her !! I think the decision to adopt her into our family has been such a great idea - we've adjusted to her very quickly and I think she really likes us too. I must say she's quite spoiled!!

You're welcome to stop by anytime - or I'm sure we'll be out and about real soon !!


Nichol Family said...

I love your little addition! She is beautiful!!! I'm sure she's bringing smiles to everyone who sees her. She did to me. I can't wait to hold her (steering wheel) and take her for a spin. I am so happy for you guys.

Valerie said...

Let's see....Horseback riding...Driving a Porsche with the top down. If I were you I wouldn't feel too bad about missing out on the horseback ride! :) Love the car. When we ever decide to do dinner or lunch we'll have to take it. (Maybe not with the top down if it's cold! haha)