Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences . . . . ✓

Last night Josh asked me to go online and make sure to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences. I discovered then that Parent Teacher Conferences were the NEXT day.  Needless to say, I could not sign up for a spot.  I totally blew it!! The thing is, Josh had some areas I was concerned with and really wanted to talk to his teacher.  I figured I'd have to schedule a separate time - after school one day or at lunch or something. Which was going to have to work, because I have a head cold which has not been letting me sleep and I really didn't want to try to fit it in.

Well, today when Hayden came home he said, "Mom, mom (do you feel the sense of emergency here) . . . we have to go to Parent Teacher Conference TONIGHT at 7:30pm." I told him how I'd messed up and didn't schedule a time. He insisted we were supposed to go at 7:30pm TONIGHT!  He told me his teacher said so. I decided to trug on over AND try to fit in a meeting with Josh's teacher too. We did it! It worked out perfect!! Got them both done.

I don't have perfect report cards to share, but the kids are doing well and the best they can. It was a beneficial thing to do. Their favorite part?  The Book Fair.

Can't complain about that!!

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Trudi & Gary said...

I'm jealous... it sounds like your boys both like school... congrats on having such cool kids :-)