Saturday, May 2, 2009

When You Set Your Mind to Something You Can Accomplish Anything!!!

Okay, just so you have a little background, Josh has never been able to ride a two-wheeler bike without training wheels before. He's tried many times and we've tried to encourage him to keep trying, but it just never happened. I personally think it just didn't interest him.
Well, this year Hayden asked me "Mom can you please have Dad fix the bikes so I can ride outside?!" So. . . with that, Jeffrey fixed both bikes. AND that was it - that was all it took. Josh was bound and determined that HE was going to ride bikes this year - nothing like a little brotherly competition - eh?
So. . . Josh hopped on the bike without training wheels

(and I'm a little embarassed to say, I thought - oh boy - here we go
this will be a long day, but he is going to do it.
This year Josh is going to ride a two-wheeler bike
Seriously - it's about time!!)

Well . . . without any hesitation, Josh got on that bike and took off. . .and . . . BAM - just like that! Josh was riding a bike!! He just got on and off he went zippin' around!! Holy Cow!! I couldn't believe it - I was so pleasantly surprised!!
Josh - you are awesome and you taught me a huge lesson today - when you set your mind to something you really CAN accomplish anything!! Way to go!!
So - here's the video to prove it!!
You'd never know he just learned yesterday!!
Wow!! Way to Go Bud!!
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jen1313 said...

That's awesome! Glad he learned so quickly after a long time of trying. Can I buy you're old training wheels? We just found a bicycle for Karen and we need training wheels.

Kathleen White said...

Way to go Josh! Jeremy never learned to ride a bike either - that is until this year - just like you. Melissa got a new bike and Jeremy thought it looked cool, so he tried it out and just like that - BAM! He can ride too. Glad you tried again sooner than Jeremy did, though. Good job!